Todays catch

Today I did some shopping in town. Went to Hötorgshallen in Stockholm where they sell a large variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, grains and supplements. I got some quinoa, amaranth,  millet, chickpeas, chestnut meal, buckwheat and more. My plan is to experiment with sprouting the quinoa, tryin out a cauliflower hummus recipe and baking a glutenfree bread. Cupboards are officially full and I have a lot of fun ingredients to play with. When I got home I found this huge box (it was about 10 kg) filled with organic bananas, apples and pears,  under the kitchen table.

Apparently one of my roommate’s friend works in a company delivering organic fruit baskets to places, so he gets to take home all this left over fruit.. I need to get me a friend like that too!

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4 Responses to Todays catch

  1. prozz!! says:

    nice nina !!

  2. Anna Bengtsson says:

    Kul att du kommit igång med blogg!

    Imponerande dagens fångst; blir nog mycket fantastisk mat av det när du får hålla på lite och använda din kreativitet, kunskap och talang i en inspirerad kombination.

    Ps. Jobbigt för mig med språket dock. Ska testa vad dom händer om jag trycket på google-översättning. Blir förmodligen helt koko:-) Ds.// Anna

  3. Amanda says:

    bananas are for monkeys 😉

  4. Amanda says:

    jättefin layout btw!

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