Natural spices

Last night by chance I met a jamaican guy called Mazaya, who is living here in Sweden and making music. He has been a vegetarian 13 years and knows all about ital food so it was a funny coincidence we meet. He shared his lovely song “Natural spices”. If you listen to the lyrics you will hear its all about ital living. Nice! The riddim is called Everyday and is produced by two swedish artists; Million Stylez and Kapten röd.

We concluded that we miss being able to enjoy the different varieties of roots drinks available in Jamaica. I sampled a few while I was there, like Baba roots, it’s a nice alternative to alcoholic beverages.

I did bring a big bottle of Bitterwood extract home. It is a strong bitter (never tasted anything like it) that I drink in the morning. It tastes VERY medicinal..

Bitter Wood is a simple, powerful bitter that is an old-time tonic for the digestive system.  It is used in Europe to stimulate the appetite and is also said to soothe gastric upsets, indigestion and acute dyspepsia. An old reliable vermifuge, the herb destroys and expels intestinal worms.  Bitter Wood is thought to generally tone up a rundown system, which may also be very helpful to convalescents who are recovering after illness.

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2 Responses to Natural spices

  1. Amanda says:

    Jag måste få smaka baba roots.. blev nyfiken på hur det smakar!

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