Cooking with Jelena

Last night I really felt like having some peanut sauce so I composed this dish:

Brown rice, steamed vegetable and fingerlickin good peanut sauce. Had some cilantro that needed to be used so I threw it in there and got a green sauce.


In a small blender; blend some onion, garlic and ginger with some water. Fry it in a pan on medium heat with oil for a few minutes. Meanwhile blend up some peanuts with coconut milk (or use peanutbutter and coconutmilk), add to the pan. Let it simmer and season with tomatopuré, a little soy, maybe just a little honey, something sweet. If you like you can add fresh cilantro to this dish, mix it with the peanut and coconutmilk or just chop it and sprinkle over your sauce.

This morning I got up super early to go to the healthfood store and cook some food together with Jelena. She used to work in the shop and creates amazing food, so I try to soak up as much as possible of her knowledge and experience.

Today we made a adukibean pate, roasted rutabaga seasoned with mustard, brown rice and a dip with boiled beets and soy yoghurt. Lovely, beatuiful, comforting food. It was so good I even asked Jelena to marry me.


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