Craving for cultured vegetables

Today I took the day off from cooking and just prepared simple foods for myself. My dinner consisted off some chickpeas, olives, sprouts, feta cheese, onions and tomato dressed up with lots of lemonjuice, flaxseedoil, herbsalt and black pepper. Only one thing missing and that was the cultured vegetables. There is a latin saying that goes

Nulla caena sine caesum

It means “No meal without cheese”. I would like to change it to Nulla caena sine.. ehm sauerkrautus?  I love cultured vegetables! If I don’t have them everyday it feels like something is missing. Here are some good reasons to include unpasterized cultured vegetables (sauerkraut, kimchi etc) in your diet:

-They contain friendly bacteria that are beneficial for your inner ecosystem.

-They improve digestion. They are pre-digested and also help digest other foods eaten along with them.

-They help eliminate cravings for sweet foods.

– Raw cultured vegetables are very alkaline and cleansing; they help restore balance if the body is in a toxic acidic condition.

One of my favourites is this one: Hot, spicy Kimchi from Tistelvind. You would usually find it in any good healthfood store or some Coop stores.  There is also the plain sauerkraut and other exciting products like cultured pesto. Soon enough though I will be making my own cultured vegetables, eating as much as I do gets a little pricey in the long run.

Here is another brand I tried recently. It was friggin deliscious! Suttle and nice flavour.

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