Pumpkin soup and shot of baba ganoush

Do you know that feeling when the fridge is full but nothing to eat? Yeah I decided to do something about that today and prepared some snack foods:

Hummus with cauliflower, nutbutter (heavenly with sliced banana),baked whitebean paté, baba ganoush and a pumpkin soup.     As I am writing I am snacking away on this little shot of “baba” with carrot sticks.

This soup is so tasty, it is also a good warming food when the weather is cool.  I remember we used to make something similar at my old workplace Mimmis Visthus, and everybody loved it there too.

Pumpkin soup with coconut

Fry some finely chopped onion, chili, ginger and curry. Add some rinsed red lentils, chopped pumpkin,some good vegetable stock, water enough to cover. Let simmer until lentils and pumpkin are cooked, add some coconut milk in the end. Taste and season with some sea salt. If you like you can add some chopped fresh spinach and stir in when the soup is almost ready. Here I also topped it with some sprouted mungbeans and rucola.

(As you may have noticed by now I dont use measurements when I cook, Im more into freestyling, UNLESS you are making chocolate mousse for 150 persons. Tried that once, what a disaster.)

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