Pizza bonanza

Some time ago I was explaining for some friends about the raw food diet. I told them that it can be more than just eating salads and fruit, because if you have a dehydrator it’s possible to make all kind of dishes; burgers, cookies and even pizza. It’s a little bit more time consuming though, than buying a regular take out pizza. First you have to soak the ingredients for the crust overnight,

next step is to dry it for about twelwe hours in the dehydrator. For some reason my friends found this to be very amusing… Yes, it might be slow food but it is definetly worth the time and effort. To the left  you can see a jamaican style raw pizza that I tried at Mi Hungry in Kingston. It had peppers, lettuce, olives, seedcheese and some pineapple for that caribbean flavour. On the right is a more traditional italian pizza with cashew cheese, rucola, olives, avocado and semi-dried cherry tomatoes.



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2 Responses to Pizza bonanza

  1. Dr. Joe says:

    I’m very impressed with the blog so far. It’s amazing how much variety you work into each meal and into your posts in general (videos, recipes, philosophy, etc.) I’m also a big fan of the tidbits about the abundant medicinal benefits and would like to see that continue. People could certainly learn a lot about healthy eating and living healthfully from you. I have bookmarked this page as one that I will visit often, so keep the posts coming!

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