At Living foods institute

Today was my first day at Living food global center in Valdemarsvik, Sweden. It’s a center where people come to heal, rejuvenate and regain their health with living foods, as taught by Dr Ann Wigmore.  The healing diet consists of a whole heap of sprouts, wheatgrass juice, seeds, grains, nuts, seaweeds, fruits and vegetables in their natural uncooked state. Compared to the raw food diet, more emphasis is put on making the food as easily digestible as possible, by sprouting and fermenting- so that it can rebuild our health on all levels.

First lesson will be how to prepare rejuvelac- a fermented liquid prepared using whole wheat and rye. It is said to be good for the intestinal flora and is used as a base for sauces, soups and more.  Today I washed the grains several times and they were left to soak overnight.

For dinner I had my first energy soup and a deliscious green salad with a dressing made of cashews, rejuvelac, tomates, onion, tamari, ginger and herbs. Looked like rhode island but obvioulsy  it was superiour in both nutritional value and taste. I haven’t really been having much raw food at all for the longest time, so I am feeling a little bit funny today. But I am so happy to be here- it is such a blessing!




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