Sunrise for breakfast

Good morning! Yesterday the winter came back here and there was some snow fall, but today the temperature is higher and the sun is shining again. Lovely. My breakfast dish was suitably named “Sunrise”. It is kind of a porridge made by blending: soaked sunflower seeds with rejuvelac (fermented drink made from sprouted grains) and dates, topped with apple, banana and cinnamon.

Buckwheat porridgeYesterday I had something similar, a buckwheat porridge: blended soaked buckwheat, rejuvelac and dates with fruit. I must say, so far I am really enjoying the food here. It is simple but nurturing.

For dinner I have had energy soup and salad. Energy soup is a blended dish consisting of rejuvelac, alfalfa-/mungbean-/lentil-/sunflower-/ and buckwheat sprouts/seaweed/apple and avocado. It’s a true superfood with all that green goodness in there, and it tastes amazing too.

After just two days here I find myself planning how to make rejuvelac in my small apartment, and how to fit trays in the window, so that I can plant sunflower- and buckwheatsprouts. Because my conclusion so far is that it seems stayin on the Live foods diet according to Ann Wigmore is much more affordable than staying on the raw foods diet! BUT it requires more preparation and dedication: to sprout, make rejuvelac, grow buckwheat- and sunflowersprouts. I might try it out when I get back.

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1 Response to Sunrise for breakfast

  1. Ramia says:

    Raw food diet is really expensive but
    Its a good investment health wise! I
    think u should do what u r comfortable
    with,cause both lifestyles r nutritious

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