125 trays of wheatgrass

125 trays of wheatgrass, buckwheat- and sunflowersprouts had to be watered today. It took me a good hour to do, while listening to a german radio station playing Shakira and talking about Jesus (FM wasn’t working on the stereo, only AM).


Yesterday I had another good opportunity for meditation while I was picking some of the baby greens. It took me FOREVER, so long that after, I had to ask if it was normal to take that long, or if I was doing something wrong? The answer was no, it’s supposed to take forever. While picking the greens I was in a bad mood, probably signs of detox; grumpiness and toxic thoughts. I did not have my regular dose of caffeine for a few days..


Happy to declare that today I feel so much better! I am getting used to the food, surroundings and company. I’m staying in a house with a 85-year old lady who is such a sweetheart. We enjoy our meals together, like today we had heavenly sesame milk with fruit for breakfast:

Sesame breakfast

Although cravings for tea and coffee are subsiding, I find myself fantasizing about other things..  Can’t wait to get back home and prepare some of my old-time raw food recipes, like this simple but tasty salad:

Rucola, onion, pepper, tomato, olives, a few sliced sundried tomates, walnuts, diced avocado dressed up with lemonjuice, olive oil, black pepper and herbal salt.

At least that’s a healthy craving 🙂



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1 Response to 125 trays of wheatgrass

  1. Ramia says:

    That’s what u call a Health experience;)

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