Bananas over bananas

Today a truck delivered some organic fruit and veg to the institute. Me and the other interns went to unpack the pallet. One of the big boxes consisted of not only organic- but also biodynamic BANANAS. Organic and biodynamical farming are similar in the way that none of them use chemicals or GMO’s. Biodynamic farming takes it a step further, by adding vitality to the plant, soil and/or livestock through the use of different holistic practises. For example the cycles of the moon are taken in consideration, and specifically prepared concoctions of herbs and minerals are added to the compost and soils. Another practise is to make sure to harvest the plant when their energy are most intense and vital.

It is so great to be around like-minded people. Everybody was a little bit excited about that box of bananas, and that made me smile inside. There was a lot of them and they were pretty ripe so we sampled a few. As I enjoyed mine I was thinking, this is like heaven, remembering the delicious bananas and finger-bananas I ate in Jamaica. A good organic ripe banana can’t be beat, it  a true gift from nature!

I bet most people who say they don’t like bananas usually get the non-organic ones. I don’t like them either, there is a huge difference in taste. Organic tastes better and another good reason to buy organic bananas is to show solidarity to the workers at the plantations. Conventional farms use chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are hazardous to the workers health. Often workers don’t have the proper equipment or protective clothing and are exposed toxins that are detrimental to their health. The ultimate banana would be an organic fair trade one I guess, or something grown naturally in someones yard.

Bananas are versatile, good just eaten the way they are, great in smoothies and fruitsalads. If you freeze them and blend them semi-frozen you get an unbelievable raw ice-cream (you can add cacao/carob/other frozen berries as flavouring). Somebody just went bananas over some bananas..

This lovely picture is from a raw food course I attended a few years ago. We used frozen (ripe, the riper the better) bananas that we mixed with frozen raspberries and got this huge bowl of banana-raspberry ice cream. No dairy, no eggs, no white sugar just natural goodness-just the way I like it. Note: This ice-cream will turn icy if you refreeze it, so it should be served immediately.



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2 Responses to Bananas over bananas

  1. This looks amazing! I have a few bananas and raspberries in my freezer, I think I’ll try this out for dessert tonight!

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