Open sesame..

This blessed morning I worked the early shift, which means preparing breakfast for the house. On the menu was a date-apple puré. Very simple, a nice treat, snack or good alternative to the shop-bought pureés with sugar for kids.

Date-apple puré 1 litre

1 dl soaked dates

3-5 cored and sliced apples

3 dl of fluids (some of the soaking water+rejuvelac or just plain water)

First blend the dates in the fluid. Then add the apples and just pulse them for a few seconds until you have a nice apple puré with pieces inside. You can vary this recipe by changing the dates for figs or perhaps apricots. Good together with sesame milk.

The other day I was crazy about bananas, this morning I fell in love with sesame seeds.  I prepared a little sesame milk to go with the puré and it was so lovely.                                     It’s a great alternative to regular milk- sesame seeds contain a good amount of calcium (the unhulled ones). They are a very good source of copper and manganese.  Also, they are a good source for magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc and dietary fiber. Additionally they contain two unique substances; sesamin and sesamolin. These are lignans- a special type of fiber that can help lower cholesterol and protect the liver from oxidative damage.

Sesame seed milk

3 dl sesame seeds, unhulled soaked overnight and preferably sprouted 24 hours in the fridge

6 dl water/rejuvelac

A few dates for sweetening, after taste

A banana or two, optional (yummy)

Blend seeds in some of the liquid first, then add the rest. If you like you could strain the milk at this point (I don’t). After add the dates/banana. Blend again. Enjoy!


Another way to enjoy sesame seeds is Tahini, creamed sesame. It is a common ingredient in the middle eastern kitchen, in hummus for example. I like to just pour some over some bananas and berries for a quick dessert. You can also find a tahini that is more like a butter, this is very tasty on crackers/bread plain with tomato or with avocado and guess.. yes  sliced bananas.

If you ever wondered what the sesame plant looks like here it is:

The pods that contain the seeds burst open when mature, thereof the famous phrase from Arabian Nights “open sesame”.



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