I can’t believe it’s not icecream

I’ve mentioned before that you can make the most amazing raw ice cream with (organic!) frozen bananas. To quote my greek friend

“People love bananas and people love ice cream, but somehow they failed to combine those two ideas together”

Anybody who has tried this ice cream would probably agree:

How can not more people now about this unbelievable way to make good-for-you ice cream?

Whats even more amazing than the taste is that you can use all those overripe bananas nobody wants to eat. You might even  get your bananas half price if you ask them at the store. The bananas that are too ripe to sell in the store are perfect for ice-cream. Ask If they have any in the back that you can get for a reasonable price. At home, peel them, slice them and chuck ’em in the freezer.

When you are ready to have some banana ice-cream just take out your golden babies and let them thaw for a little while.Now if you have a champion juicer you can use it with the blank plate and run the bananas through there. If you don’t a regular blender will do just fine. Today we had three flavors of ice-cream: Banana-coconut (just add shredded coconut) Banana-vanilla (add vanilla powder) and Banana-Berries (add some berries)

Hey, seems like we forgot the chocolate flavor one. Oh well, at least we had this magic carobsauce to go with our ice cream trio.

Carobsauce 0,5 litre

3-4 soaked figs (or 1 dl soaked dates)

1,75 dl of the soaking water

1,5-2 tablespoons of carob (or cacao powder)

Blend until smooth. Best “chocolate” sauce ever. When I had it the first time I asked out loud: Why don’t they serve this in the ice-cream bar? It’s way better than regular chocolate sauce.

The answer as often is: It’s more expensive. But better for you! Expensive food for an expensive body.


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1 Response to I can’t believe it’s not icecream

  1. Ramia says:

    When we make that we call it’Nice Cream’
    a lot of people don’t know what they are

    Its up too use to establish these live
    shop an make this type of food available;)

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