Raw lobster

Another day at the institute. There has been a raw chef certification course held here over the weekend, so we had to share the kitchen space and sink with a lot of people. It got a little hectic around lunch but the food that was left over for us was so tasty, it was worth the hassle!

Last night we got to enjoy some raw tacos: nutmeat spiced up with cumin and tacoseasoning, guacamole and tomatosalsa served on a leaf of romaine lettuce.

Today we had gardenburgers with “ketchup” and this incredible cashew cheese with a lot of different spices. What an explosion of flavour. Yep I have been eating very gourmet the past few days, can’t remember when last I was actually REALLY hungry 🙂

These foods are pretty heavy on the fats, they contain a lot of nuts, so they are not really foods to be eaten during a cleanse. For the guests that are here for cleansing we made these two festive dishes: Avocado cocktail (avocado, tomatoes pepper, celery dressed up) and a paté with almonds, carrot, cabbage  and onion seasoned with sage, tamari and anis. We got a little creative and shaped it like a carrot at first, then it transformed into a lobster. The guests appreciated the joke.

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