Can’t beet this soup

Some days here at the Living Foods institute are soup days, meaning that we only have soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.This is to rest the digestive system, as these blended foods are easily assimilated by the body. Does it sound extreme? What if I tell you I have been having the same soup twice a day for almost 2 weeks now? Crazy?

This is not just any soup, it’s energy soup. It provides the body easily accessible super nourishment and allows it to become more alkaline, heal and detoxify. The soup is very tasty too. The ingredients can vary some but we usually make it with: rejuvelac, apples, seaweed, greens, sprouts, avocado/banana. Might take some time to get used to it for some, I loved it from day one though, guess I was really craving those greens. I share this love for energy soup with my fellow interns. We make this big bowl of soup for every lunch and dinner.

Sometimes the ten guests will not eat more than half of it, so we’ll have a lot left over and say “Let’s make less for next time..” But still somehow magically the four of us manage to devour what ever soup is left in that huge bowl, happily, every time.

Until today we have been having the energy soup all days but tonight we had this delightful raw beet soup- borstj with a almond-horseradish cream to go with it. So good, way better than any cooked borstj I had in my life.

Living Borstj 4 portions

5 dl rejuvelac (or water)

3 dl peeled beets

2 apples

1 dl sprouted lentils

1 dl sprouted mungbeans

1-2 tbsp tamari

1-2 tsp herbs de provence

1/2 avocado

Blend first the apple, rejuvelac and beets until pretty smooth. Add the sprouts, blend again. Last add the seasoning and avocado and blend one last time. Forgot to mention, it’s really easy to prepare too.

Almond cream with horseradish

1 dl almonds, soaked overnight then sprouted 24 hours in the fridge and peeled

1- 1,5 del rejuvelac

1 tbsp grated horseradish

Blend until smooth and serve together with the soup. Bon apetit!


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2 Responses to Can’t beet this soup

  1. Dr. Joe says:

    Alkalinizing the body? The body’s pH is so sensitive, and the optimal range so small that altering it one way or another could disrupt function or even lead to death. Please educate me: What are the benefits? Would it help balance acid reflux? Does it alleviate lactic acid build up in muscle from exertion? Thanks in advance, and once again – great blog!

    • Hello Dr Joe
      Thank you for your challenging question. The acid/alkaline balance is a very complex subject. I did not study it in depth, but from the books I have read I’ve concluded this:
      Ideally when the ph of all our tissues are added together and averaged, it should be around 7.0.
      Generally,people who have been on a standard diet of a lot of grains, dairy and other animal products (and less fresh greens/veg/fruit) become too unbalanced and acidic in the long run.
      The way to correct this imbalance is to eat more alkaline than acidic foods. Green leaves are very alkaline and therefore beneficial in balancing acidic conditions in the body. Even if someone is one the raw foods diet but is eating too many nuts/seeds and slightly acidic fruits like bananas/avocados, they can become too acidic. It’s all about finding the balance.

      There was a study about stomach acid made by a woman called Victoria Boutenko. She wrote the book Green for life and promotes drinkin blended greens and fruit=green smoothies. In the study about 66% of the people showed an imrovement in their HCl production after 30 days of drinking green smoothies. So I guess drinking blended greens can alleviate problems with acid reflux due to low levels of stomach acid. They reported other benefits as well, that you can read more about if you click the link.

      I don’t recall reading anything about eventual alleviation from lactic acid build up in muscles, but If I do I will update you.
      Again, thank you for challengning me with your questions. I hope you are satisfied with my answer.
      To round off I would like to say I think including energy soup/green smoothies into the diet is good because its an easy way consume a food group that most of us don’t eat enough of. You don’t have to be a scientist to realise that greens are healthy for you 🙂 Take care and thank you for stopping by.

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