From salsiccia to sprouts

What would you say is the exact opposite of vegan raw food (un)cooking? I think I know the answer, it must be the italian cuisine.. Why? Because it’s based on a lot of dairy, meat, eggs and wheat products. And of course some nice fresh veg and herbs to go with all that pasta, pizza and risotto.

It was in an italian restaurant I began my food journey.

A few years later I find myself on the other side of the spectrum. Eating and working with a preferably and predominantly raw plant based cuisine. From salsiccia to sprouts..

Today I paid a visit to that restaurant, a nice italian trattoria. There I met the talented head chef whom I worked with for a year or two. In his style of cooking he incorporates what is called molecular gastronomy. It is a type of cuisine where the chefs embrace science, technological advances in equipment and different chemicals (earlier only used by the commercial food industry)- to create new textures and flavors.

One example is spherification; a process which turns liquids into sphericals that visually and texturally resemble caviar. This technique requires the use of some chemicals: sodium alginate and calcium chloride/calcium carbonate. This way it is possible to make something crazy like green-tea caviar or apple juice caviar.

He was placing his order of chemicals and asked jokingly if I use them in my raw foods. I said no, and we agreed that this must be the exact opposite of natural food and uncooking.

Before I left I sneaked into the fridge and found a tray of the lovely dessert tiramisu. God knows I’ve done my share of tiramisus during the three years I worked there. It is a rich dessert made with sugar, mascarpone cheese, biscuits, coffee and a lot of eggs. I was  inspired to create a raw version of it, keep you updated on that.

To stick with the italian theme – I had some Raw food pizza at Mimmis Visthus with some friends. The piece I got was huge and looked like a dream. It tasted awesome too.

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