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Detoxers delight cake (gluten- and sugarfree)

I mentioned in my last post that I was making a gluten- and sugar free cake. Well I tasted it now and it was friggin amazing! I’m really excited about this recipe because I see the possibilities: changing the flavouring … Continue reading

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Cake day: Paradise pie

Today turned out to be a real cake day. After I finsihed cooking up the lunch at work I decided to make a raw food pie (since I had three sweet organic mangoes and a pineapple that needed to be … Continue reading

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Green apple breakfast with hemp milk

This morning I rediscovered one of my favourite foods: Hemp seeds. Green apple breakfast with hemp milk I blended about 1,5 peeled and cored apples, a stalk of celery, some fresh mint and 1 tbsp of flax in the blender (just … Continue reading

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Govindas restaurant

There is a indian vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm (Fridhemsplan) called Govindas. It’s part of a global chain of restaurants run by the Hare Krishna movement. The food that is served there is lacto-vegetarian and prepared with care and meditation and … Continue reading

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Indian savoystew, chickpea/beet burger, tomatosauce and gingercarrots

Today I prepared another indian inspired lunch; with a lot of spices and colours. Chickpea/beetburgers Cook chickpeas (that have been soaked overnight and drained) with a few peeled and cut up beets. Boil until soft with vegetable stock and drain … Continue reading

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Guilt-free fudge

Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with stevia. It’s a herb  that contains two sweet compounds: steviosides and rebaudiosides. It’s used as a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners; 250-300 times sweeter that sucrose and pretty much no effects on blood sugar … Continue reading

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Some good home cooking

When I make the weekly menu at work, I try to include one meal that consists of more traditional swedish food. Like today I made this very nice lunch: Beanburgers with mashed potatoes, beetsauce, caramelized onions with tahini and blanched … Continue reading

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