Polenta square, fennel stew and limabeans in mustardsauce

This was todays lunch that I made at work. I am proud to say that it is 100% organic and vegan. I like the fact that my boss is consequent, if it’s not organic it’s not in our kitchen. This means that the ingredients used are fewer and it requires more imagination from the chef- but it’s a challenge I am happy to take on.  I love my new job, it is a big blessing to be able to work with this pure food.

I roasted some parsnips, carrots and burdock root in the oven with some thyme, sea salt, black pepper and olive oil. 200 degrees about 35 min (not raw haha)

Cooked some qunioa that I seasoned with herbamare and a dash of olive oil.

For the stew I sauteed some onion and garlic first. Then I added sliced fennel, crushed tomatoes, water and tomatopuré. I sesoned with vegetable stock, sea salt, basil (oregano, sage is also good), a little bit of lemonjuice and applejuice concentrate (something sweet to balance the sour). Let it simmer for avout 20 min and taste.

Lima beans were soaked overnight then cooked with bay leaves until soft (you can use canned ones if you are in a hurry). Then I mixed some soy-yoghurt with dijon mustard, different herbs, black pepper and mixed together with the beans.

For the polenta square I boiled some water with salt. Approximately double the amount of water to polenta. I had some carrot pulp leftover from juicing that I threw in there. When it was boiling I whisked in 2 parts polenta and 1 part chickpea flour and some chopped sundried tomatoes. Constantly stirring for about 5 minutes. Then I poured the polenta onto a greased baking tray. Bake until golden brown about 30-40 min at 175 degrees celcius.

Enjoy now, but remember to have your salad first. Before this plate we serve some greens, sprouts, cultured vegetables and seaweed.

Good food!

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