Dinner party

This friday we had a dinner party  with some raw food on the menu. I decided to focus a little extra on the desserts to impress the guests. The reason is that they come out especially good with raw foods. You can create the most amazing dishes with dried fruits, nuts, avocado, bananas berries, cacao etc. For starters I made a simple but tasty raw soup.

Spicy carrot soup

1. Blend fresh carrotjuice with avocado, tamari/habanero/ginger/garlic/fresh herbs after  taste

2. Finely chop red onion, paprika, avocado, fresh herbs, tomato etc  and sprinkle on top. Serve

Main course was a huge romaine salad with a homemade caesar dressing.

I put  3 organic eggyolks in the blender, 1 tsp mustard, 1 large pressed clove of garlic, sea salt and1 tsp apple cider vinegar. Then I started the blender and poured some cold-pressed rapseed oil a little at the time to make a mayonnaise. I used approximately 2dl oil. I added about 1 dl freshly grated parmigan and blended again. This is a really rich and gourmet dressing. I like to make it at dinners  for people that are not used to eating salads for main course. It’s very nice but make sure to use good quality oil and organic eggs!

Our dessert trio consisted of

1.Banana ice-cream spiced up with blended dates and tamarind paste for extra zing.

2.Chocolate-mint sauce made by mixing 2 dl soaked dates, 5 dl soaking water, fresh mint leaves and 2tbsp cacao powder

3. Cardamom-vanilla pudding (saved the best for last) Soaked dates mixed with soaking water and a few avocados and flavoured with vanilla powder and cardamom. Delish.

Best of all was that there was plenty left for the next day so me and my roomie got a luxorious saturday brunch.

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