Birthday cake

This afternoon I prepared a surprise birthday cake for my friend. It came out very nice.

It was easy to prepare and looked beautiful too. I love that about raw foods, it is so easy to make the food look good, because all the lovely colors are still there (since you’re not cooking the food).

For the crust I processed some sunflower seeds in the food processor until in small pieces. Then I added a few fresh pitted dates (or soaked dry ones), a dash of lemon juice, grated coconut, some banana and like a teaspoon liquid coconut oil. (For three portions of cake). Process until dough-like consistency and shape into desired form. I placed the crust on a piece of baking paper first.


First layer: vanilla layer. I mashed some banana and mixed with creamed tahini and organic vanilla powder.You want to have it with some chunks and pretty firm. Vanilla powder is an good investment, not too expensive and will last you for some time. Vanilla is soo luxourious. I found this brand in a health food store and can recommend it.

To make the chocolate glaze blend fresh/soaked dates with a little water and some avocado and cacao powder. Or if you like season with for example cardamom (this is the same recipe as for the cardamom/vanilla pudding).

To assemble, first spread the banana curd on top of your crust. Then with a spatula evenly cover the cake with the chocolate glaze. Ready to garnish! Get creative and use colorful fruits, gojiberries, coconut flakes whatever you fancy. After you finished garnishing, with a spatula lift the cake off the baking paper and onto a plate.

Good luck hope yours turns out just as beautiful and yummy as mine did.


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