Some good home cooking

When I make the weekly menu at work, I try to include one meal that consists of more traditional swedish food. Like today I made this very nice lunch:

Beanburgers with mashed potatoes, beetsauce, caramelized onions with tahini and blanched broccoli.

It was a nice comforting home cooked meal. The picture didn’t come out as amazing though.. I must say, eating has become very time-consuming ever since I started this blog. It’s because I need to get the ‘perfect shot’ before I can indulge and sometimes I don’t have the patience or time for that.


Mashed potatoes Boil potatoes in salted water, when ready drain some of the water. Keep some of it to mix with (or use soy milk/ soy cream for creamier mash). Use an electrical whisk to make the mash. Add some olive oil and herbal salt and some fresh herbs like parsley for that nice green colour.

Beanburger I used cooked aduki and white beans, boiled rice, some stalks of broccoli and carrot. You can use pretty any variation of vegetables, rice and beans to form burgers/patties. To keep them from falling apart use buckwheat or chickpea flour. Season with any spices you like. Today I used mostly cumin and tandoori spice. Use the handblender and blend the mixture a bit. I think it’s nice to keep some bean chunks in there though.

Beetsauce Fry onion with sliced cabbage and some ginger. Add water and grated beets and a little sweet potato.Season with lemongrass/lime leaves/bay leaves/tamari/vegetable stock. Let it boil until soft. When cooked blend and add coconut milk. Let it simmer some more and taste.

Caramelized onion with tahini My favourite part of the meal. I stayed some time extra at work to slice all those god damn onions but it was worth the effort. The idea is to slowly cook onions for about an hour, until they are soft, golden brown and sweet. Then they are mixed with a creamy tahini sauce. The recipe for this I found here.

I also blanched some broccoli in salted water for about two minutes, then rinsed it with cold water. You don’t want to overcook broccoli, because it will destroy a lot of the nutrients. 1-2 minutes is enough if you are boiling it, and remember it will continue to cook after if you don’t put some cold water on it. If you like add some herb salt and olive oil.

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