Govindas restaurant

There is a indian vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm (Fridhemsplan) called Govindas. It’s part of a global chain of restaurants run by the Hare Krishna movement. The food that is served there is lacto-vegetarian and prepared with care and meditation and said to be “sacred” and spiritually healing for who ever eats it. It’s one of my favourites places in Stockholm to eat. They have a few different dishes everyday, either you get a small basic plate for 70 kr or a big “everything and refills” plate for 90. I always get the big one because I want to try everything, and the food looks amazing on that big silver plate. To drink there usually is some kind of yoghurt drink- lassi.

This was on todays big plate:

1. Lentil- and beetsoup 2. Cauliflower, zucchini, peas and carrot in cream sauce 3. Chutney 4. Cucumber- and potatoraita 5.Katmir vada with tomato sauce (made with chickpea flour and yoghurt) 6. Basmatirice 7. Papadam

The food was delicious but kind of heavy on me so I left feeling rather tired instead of blessed..  But that’s just me. I would still recommend going to Govindas any day if you want to try some cooked indian vegetarian food in a nice environment.

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