Cake day: Paradise pie

Today turned out to be a real cake day. After I finsihed cooking up the lunch at work I decided to make a raw food pie (since I had three sweet organic mangoes and a pineapple that needed to be used). The result:

A lovely paradise pie For the crust I mixed some sunflower seeds and dry coconut first, added some grated lemon zest, pinch of sea salt, vanilla powder and a few soaked/fresh dates/raisins. A little bit of the soaking water, enough to form a dough (not too wet). Pressed the dough into a pie form. Sliced up 3 mangoes, 1 pineapple and one banana (you can use any fruit really, for a tropical pie stick to these and papayas). After I took some more soaked dates and some of the soaking water+ little fruit and blended with the handblender. This makes a jam that goes on the bottom of the pie. I added some grated ginger to it. To assemble now, after you pressed the dough evenly spread a layer of the jam in the pie( you can save some to go on top if you like). Put the sliced fruit in a nice pattern and voila!

I’ve made prettier pies before though, like this one I made together with my Jamaican live food teacher, Prof I at his house near Ocho rios. Using papaya, banana and some old-school food preparation techniques;

Instead of using the food-processor we used a huge mortar to make the pie dough. It took forever of beating that stick. My time-effective european mind was going crazy, but then I remembered I was In Jamaica. Things just move in a different (slower) pace there and it’s best to just relax..

To continue with the cake theme I tried out another recipe when I came home. A gluten-free, sugar-free cake using stevia, eggs, white beans, coconut oil and more. It’s still cooling down now, don’t know how it will turn out as I made some changes in the original recipe. If it’s any good I will post the recipe here.

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