Time for green juice

This afternoon I did some shopping for greens. Felt like it was time to start juicing again. I dont’t bother with the fruits though- Green juice me say! Luck was in my favor because I made a real bargain, found organic celery (which is hard to even come by) for pretty much the same price as the conventional one. Yeey! (For anyone in Stockholm, that was in Hemköp under Åhlens, they also have the cheapest organic carrots in town, 10 kr for a kilo). As a base for my green juice I always use plenty celery, lemon that has some of the white pith still on it, cucumber and maybe some green apple. Today I threw in a knob of ginger and fresh mint. The juice came out fresh tasting and energizing. Another favorite thing to throw in the juice is parsley,  it’s super nutritious and usually really cheap. For conventionally grown parsley a good price would be something like 20-35 kr for a kilo. And that’s a whole heap of greens! Parsley is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron and folate. It also contains other beneficial phytochemicals, read more here.

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