Sexy cherry-chocolate cake

It’s been a while since my last post. The weather here has been mostly fantastic so I have been spending a lot of my time outdoors; enjoying the warmth, the city and all its parks. On saturday I visited the farmers market where they were selling some greens: nettles, spinach, lettuce, herbs and some root vegetables. Can’t wait until june-july-august when we get swedish tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and berries. Still now you can tell that summer is really close, since they started selling imported cherries, peaches and watermelons. Yummee! Summer is the best time to eat raw food! I really like cherries, I think they are sexy in their way, sweet and succulent, good-looking too. I decided to make a chocolate cherry cake and it came out really nice. This time I even wrote down the exact amounts I used, am getting better at this recipe creating..

Sexy cherry-chocolate cake For the crust, in a food processor with the s-blade: process 2,5 dl sunflower seeds with 3 dl grated dry coconut. Add zest and juice of one small lemon, a pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp vanilla powder, 1 dl pitted fresh dates and 0,5 dl liquid coconut oil. Mix until you get a dough like consistency. Press the crust into a pieform (with plasticwrap so you can lift it out) or a springform with bakingpaper in the bottom. Put the form in the fridge or freezer to firm up while you prepare the cherryjam: Blend about 1/2 kg pitted cherries (4 dl) with 0,75 dl pitted fresh dates. Save a few cherries for garnish! Spread the jam on the crust. Make the chocolate layer by blending 2 dl pitted fresh dates with 1 dl water until smooth. If the food processor has a hard time mixing you can add 1 avocado to make the blades spin. After add 3 more small avocados and 1 dl cacao/carob powder and 0,5 dl liquid coconut oi, blend. Spread the chocolate mousse on top of the jam and garnish your cake after your imagination. Let the cake firm up a few hours before serving. Enjoy.

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