Carrotcake. Raw of course

Now this raw cake is a real winner. Made mostly from leftover carrotpulp from juicing, not to sweet and even better tasting the second or third day. I’ve experimented with the crust, trying to stay easy on the nuts and found a nice combination: flax, pumpkin seed, grated coconut and raisins. Makes it a little less expensive to make and the flax provides some of  those important omega 3’s.

Crust In a food processor, mix approximately 0,75 dl each of ground flax (preferably you grind it yourself fresh as store-bought ground flax usually is rancid), coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds until small pieces.You could also substitute for other nuts/seeds that you have in hand. Add about  1 dl soaked (20 min is enough) raisins, 2 tbsp carob and a pinch of salt.Process until you have a dough. Taste and see if it looks enough, if not just add more of the ingredients and blend again. (Since I seldom measure my ingredients, this is how my usual working method). Press out your crust in a pie form covered with plastic (so you can lift it out).

Carrotlayer Blend 2 big bananas with about 0,75 dl soaked/fresh dates until smooth. Add about 5 dl carrotpulp, grated lemonzest of one lemon and lemon juice to taste. Season with cinnamon and process. Taste adding more seasoning if necessary. Pat out the carrotlayer on top of the crust. Dooh..

Vanilla glaze In a small blender (magicbullet type) or big blender (you will need to scrape the sides) blend 4 dl soaked cashews with some water (just enough to make it blend properly). Flavour with organic vanilla powder and 2-3 soaked dates/some raisins. Add 0,5 dl liquid coconut oil. The oil will harden in the fridge and make the glaze firm up. Glaze your cake and garnish. Let it set in the fridge or eat it straight away. Enjoy this healthy cake with good conscience. I have to admit I even had it for breakfast a few times 🙂

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