Summer food

Summer means food growing in abundance, even in my (cold) part of the world. For the past few days I’ve been staying in the countryside and helping out a little bit in the greenhouse that is here. I got all excited because I wanted to make green juice (You’re not planning on throwing that away are you? Let’s juice it!) but unfortunately I couldn’t find the juicer. Instead I had the luxury of eating some freshly picked greens for lunch.

I picked a variety of greens for my salad: Romaine, butterhead lettuce, spinach, parsley and rucola.


My favourite Easy summer salad looks something like this: Assortment of greens, preferably a lot of rucola, lots of onion, red/white/spring onion, grated carrot, avocado, diced cucumbers, feta cheese and chickpeas/any other type of beans. The dressing consists of juice of one medium-sized lemon, some flaxseed oil, 1 clove pressed garlic, black pepper and sea salt. I mix the beans with the dressing and pour it over the vegetables. Fast, yummy and good for you.

An easy summer dessert I like to make  is just plain fruit salad or fruit salad with tahini. Sweet fruit like banana/mango and mixed berries chopped up and dressed with creamed tahini is delicious. Or make a Fast tahini-chocolate sauce by mixing creamed tahini with some honey, cacao and water.

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2 Responses to Summer food

  1. Marisol says:

    Everything looks just delicious!!! Besitos sweetie

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