Love your liver

Right now I’m in the middle of a very intense week at my nutrition school. I’m learning so much and it is all very exciting. Yesterday we had lectures on detoxification with Peter Wilhelmsson, one of my favourite teachers. I like him because he is humoristic and positive and his classes are never boring. This particular day he interrupted the class in the afternoon to take us outside to do some belly dancing :-).  Later he ingested 1500 mg of niacin (vitamin B3) to demonstrate its ability to widen the capillaries and make the blood rush to the surface: Creating a niacin flush, meaning a very red Peter Wilhelmsson. Willing students were also offered to try 500mg of B3, which I did happily. I like the warm and itchy feeling you get from a niacin flush. We learned that niacin can be used in combination with a hot sauna to detoxify and flush toxins through the skin. Peter stressed that if we were to remember just one thing from his lecture it would be to

Love your liver!

Our liver is working hard to detoxify us;

not only from chemicals and pollution that we  are involuntarily exposed to,

 but also all the toxic substances that we voluntarily dump into our bodies.

All of the following cause stress on our liver: Caffeine, refined foods, artificial sweeteners, saturated fats (rancid fats and trans fats), alcohol, preserved foods, smoked meats, refined salted and roasted nuts/seeds, drugs. We can support our liver by eating certain foods that contain nutrients needed to assimilate and get rid of toxins in the body.

Brassica family (broccoli,cauliflower,cabbage etc), beets, carrots, lemon, grapes, pomegranate, apples, sulfur containing foods: onion, garlic and eggs.

When I went through the list I found most of my favourite foods there: Onions, lemons, garlic, eggs, apples.. One thing I hadn’t been eating was the brassica vegetables, turned out to be good though, because they contain substances that suppress the thyroid. Later I learned that I had some thyroid issues, so it explained my unwillingness to eat broccoli!

I was impressed when I  realised that I had intuitively been craving all the right foods: eating liver supporting foods and avoiding the ones that would suppress my thyroid function.

If I’ve learned anything so far it is that there is no specific diet or healing method that works for everybody. Instead we should learn to listen to what our bodies are telling us eat intuitively. Don’t confuse this with cravings for unhealthy foods! If you´re on a standard or junk food diet, you will first have start introducing fresh and green foods into your diet. Once you do it doesn’t take long before your body starts asking you for more of the good stuff: Greens, fruits, salad,nuts/seeds, smoothies and juices. I promise!

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