Raw tribe in Copenhagen

This weekend I visited Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark for the first time of my life.  After spending a few days at Living Foods institute I was lucky enough to catch a ride there with two nice danish ladies. Denmark is so close to Sweden but from my experience very different – in a good way. I look forward to going back already..

I was super excited to visit a few of the 4-5 raw food cafés that are there. First stop was Raw Tribe on Blågårdsgade 2a. It was a rainy and gray saturday afternoon but the food was everything but dull! It was the best raw food meal I ever had I think. I was suprised to see that the prices where really reasonable too.

On the menu they had a big/small plate of veggies, pizza, pasta and sandwiches and more. There also was a juice/smoothie menu with wheatgrass shots and “raw espresso”(cacao beans and ??) and other interesting items. In the sweets section I saw some colorful creations  with cashews and chocolate brownies.

The veggie box I ordered came out looking like this

Dehydrated sweet potatoes, carrotrice, zuccini pasta, green herb dip, teriyaki dip, hummus, rice paper rolls and soft bread.

Yes it was a nice meal indeed! Everything was really flavourful and left me very inspired to finally start making some raw dishes at work..

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