Sampling cakes from Sattva



There is a very special bakery here in Stockholm, Sattva bageriet. They bake using as much organic and locally produced ingredients as possible. They have a wide selection of vegan cakes, cakes baked using natural sweeteners (dried fruit) and gluten-free baked goods. Their breads, pies and sweets are magic 🙂 You can really tell that they where baked with love-Love food! We sell them in the health food store where I work and they are very popular with the customers. Today I sampled the Blueberry buckwheat muffin, “Sattvas njutning” carrot/raisin and carob/coconut. The last one was my favourite. All gluten and sugar-free. The carob cake for example was made from just coconut, raisins, sunflower seeds, dates, banana, apple juice, coconut butter, buckwheat flour, carob, lemon juice and baking soda. A healthier treat! When will conscious food like this become widely available in the supermarkets? Can’t wait until that day, food-hunting will become a lot easier..

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1 Response to Sampling cakes from Sattva

  1. Marina says:

    Det ser otroligt gott ut =) dit vill jag! /Marina

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